Tuesday, November 1, 2016

.malaysia cup final.


kedah won!
and we were there!

.me, ejal, boss and adik.

we were quite late.
the seats and stairs were all taken.
we were lucky that they opened
the seating section
for selangor fans on level 5.
the stadium was occupied
by more than half of kedah fans.
you can see the sea of green and yellow
overpowering the red.

.the view of the stadium & the scoreboard.

the larger number of kedah fans
could not counter the spirit of selangor fans.
they were louder and unabating
in their cheers, jeers and mexican wave!

i guess that night,
kedah fans preferred to sit,
munch, talk among ourselves
and just watch the game.

.all smiles after kedah won the penalty shootout.

this was the moment after
i was accidentally kneed at the back
by the guy sitting behind us
because they stood up abruptly to cheer
for kedah's goal.

we walked out the stadium in high spirit,
even though it was around 1am.
walked back to our hotel in the rain...
had a good supper and
sleep laden with sweet dreams

congratulations kedah team!
thank you for reading!


muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

boo hoo hoooo

syitah said...

laa ko org selangor ke muz?

jgn la jd sore loser hahaha

muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

eh, kome tu orang perak. udah2 le nyokong team husben. hahahahaha

syitah said...

alaa boleh la muz. lahir penang, duk perak. kira org utagha gak la haha

muhammad muzaffar Johar said...

wahaha. eh,xmo beli album band aku ke? rm45. the best rm45 u'll ever spend on an album. hahahahaha.



syitah said...

amboi hebatnya ada band..

sat tanya ejal dia berminat x..satgi roger lain ek

muhammad muzaffar Johar said...