Wednesday, November 30, 2016

.balloon night run 3.0.


our first experience joining a run!
even though it was only a 7km route,
it was quite a feat for me
because i only had a 5km practice
a few days before the actual event.

.but we took an hour hahaha.

there was a 6 minutes gap between ejal and i.
the winner in the male category
took only 23 minutes to finish the run!
sangat fit la itu orang.
lari ke terbang huhuhu.

.with my t-shirt and bib number.

but seriously though,
i didn't run the whole way.
i huffed and puffed my way to the finish line
with my yellow helium balloon.

.main stage & padang kawad.

the zumba held before the run
was instructed by king coco.
ever heard of her?
go google!
she didn't seem to be prepared though.
long pauses and a few steps
that the men behind us think she was quite syok sendiri.

.with our medals.

ejal suggested running as our monthly activity
from now on.
no more hiking?

5km run in penang!

thank you for reading!