Sunday, January 15, 2017

.berdua di kuala tahan.

assalamualaikum everyone!

didn't i mention we were busy last month?
we also went to taman negara!
it was more of an impromptu holiday gateway
because ejal pointed out that we haven't spent time together,
just the two of us this holiday.
therefore, right after my cousin's wedding in sg buloh,
off we went to kuala tahan for a short break.

the drive took us 4 long hours.
surprisingly, i didn't take a nap through out the journey!
can't contain my excitement
and we enjoyed the beautiful view once we were in pahang.

.this accommodation cost us RM70.00/day.

the chalet was quite cozy.
just nice for our short visit.
ejal booked this chalet on friday,
a day before our journey.
alhamdulillah there was a vacancy.
there were other families too and
they even cooked on the balcony outside the chalet.
some had a barbecue.

why so cheap, you might ask.
i think it's because it's the end of the year
and they won't get as many customers
as in any other months.
because december is the monsoon season.
from what we heard,
this area will surely be flooded around this month!
the chalet area would become an island if the river nearby overflows.
as luck would have it,
alhamdulillah there was only a steady drizzle
while we were in the orang asli village
and just before our night walk.

visit mahseer chalet for more info.

.the parking area and cafe.

we reached kuala tahan around 6.00pm,
checked in and went back out for dinner.
but before that, we booked a package with our tour guide.
apparently, he has a good rapport with customers of mahseer chalet.
therefore, later that evening, mr. mahseer called him up
when we asked him about packages for taman negara activities.

our tour guide, haris,
also has a shop in the small quaint town of kuala tahan
where he sells trinkets, hiking gears,
souvenirs, clothing, yummy waffle and etc.
he even suggested to us which eating place
to frequent based on its price and level of tastiness!

.adamia : good food, affordable price.

we were thankful for haris' suggestions
because we had good food and great experience.
ejal went through other blogs and many suggested
bringing instant noodles for a quick meal.
we did bring 4 cups of that but didn't consume them at all!

there were also a reminder by bloggers
about theft that might occur
if we don't secure our food and belongings.
one of them was rob of his precious instant noodles!
alhamdulillah nothing of such thing happened to us.

.floating restaurant on the left : where we had our dinner on the 2nd night.

there were many floating restaurants along the river bank.
we chose the one with fewer customers because
we need to meet haris later at the jetty
for a night walk in taman negara.

the restaurant suggested by haris ealier was closed.
so, here i had nasi goreng paprik at RM8.00 per plate.
it was a big portion and it was delicious!
we also had hot honey barbecue chicken wings
but these were not to our liking.
we adored the peaceful ambiance by the river,
cool breeze laced with sounds from the forest.

.the jungle boy shop owned by haris & zura.

this is the shop owned by haris & zura.
both of them were absolutely helpful and friendly.
haris was a laidback, witty and resourceful tour guide
and zura was creative and enterprising.
listening to their business ventures made me feel so inadequate.
in my next entry, i'll share with you
our awesome experience in taman negara.
thanks to haris and his engaging approach
to appease our curiosity of the unfathomable forest.

next entry : taman negara, pahang!
thank you for reading!

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