Sunday, January 8, 2017

.sundown marathon.


i'm so sorry!
i promised to post a new entry every week, right?
been busy with lots of activities lately.
alhamdulillah for all the time well spent.

so, here's one activity that we did last month.
on the night of december 17th.
as the clock struck 12.00 am,
the first group of runners was set to run the 20km route.

.awesome zumba session!.

we were a bit late.
the zumba session had started.
it was awesome!
much better organized that the first run we joined.

the run was mainly sponsored by osim.
there were a photo booth,
vip tent (not sure what this was for actually),
tents for each category so that
we could go to the starting line
and later get our medals and goodies
in an orderly fashion.

.minutes before the horn blown and the confetti thrown. 

there were three groups altogether.
we were the last ones
 and it was about 12.10am i think.
i love how the confetti filled the cool night!

.the merry atmosphere that night.

it was a great experience.
we took about 50 minutes to complete the run.
as you can see, it took place by the sea.
just in front of queensbay mall.

jalan lurus,
jangan belok-belok.
to more great run!

thank you for reading!