Wednesday, February 1, 2017

.taman negara, pahang.


here we are again!
back to ejal & syitah's adventure.

the first night in kuala tahan, we started our adventure with night safari. we sat in a pickup with another nine tourists, a driver and a guide equipped with a handheld spotlight.


i won't recommend you this activity. all we did was drove up and down a well paved road while the guide shone his spotlight to the left and right of the vehicle. all the while, hoping that we would get lucky and caught a sight of nocturnal animals. he did find a squirrel though. it was up on a tree, in the dark, about 600m in the jungle in front of us.

we had a scrumptious breakfast the next day.
ejal even had a second helping!

.an array of breakfast delights & the view of kuala tahan town.

.gateway to taman negara via kuala tahan.

.paying the fees : permit MYR1.00/pax & camera MYR5.00.

.jungle trekking & canopy walk.

haris did a great job explaining about a few plants
and demonstrating how we could utilize certain plants.
it was enlightening and
we sure appreciate burning the extra calories too!
even though our walk was private and fascinating,
there were too many people lining up for the canopy walk.
there was literally traffic jam on each platform!

.rapid shooting.

haris also showed us how to paint faces with clay.
we had good fun here
while being cold and drenched
because he purposely rocked the boat while we went upstream to the orang asli village.

.group photo!.

kerri and her husband,
a family from penang (we didn't get their names)
ejal made a great shot with the sumpit!
now, we know a little about how this tribe get married,
their funeral arrangement,
how they make the sumpit and its arrow
and what type of poison used for different types of animals.

.met a scorpion during out night walk.

another couple joined us for the jungle night walk.
we were introduced to many plants and animals that night.
a scorpion, stick-bugs, spiders,
a snake, luminescent fungi etc.
i enjoyed the walk but dreaded the moment
i had to go back to the chalet and check whether
there's any leech on me!

.map of kuala tahan.

we paid MYR180/pax for this package.
night safari, jungle trekking, 
canopy walk, rapid shooting,
visiting orang asli village & jungle night walk.
it was a memorable experience.
inshaAllah there will be more quality time
spent together.

happy adventuring peeps!

thank you for reading!