Sunday, February 12, 2017

.driving to hat yai.


hello everyone!
we had another first last year.
our first drive to a neighboring country, thailand.
it was ejal's wish to try this out.
he was pretty adamant about it
while i was skeptical.
i voiced it out but he remained quiet.
i thought it over as he explained and talked me into it.
and so, finally he got what he wanted.
together with ibu, ayah and adik,
we went to hat yai with kurt.
that's what we call his car.
because the plate number starts with KED.
get it?

little that i know,
i was going to have a wonderful time
with my family in hat yai!
but don't get me wrong,
i was still nervous about it all
while still enjoying the trip.
can or not?

.the hotel we stayed in.

like always, he planned everything out.
from accommodation to itinerary to good meal hunting.
all in all, we spend about MYR1k over for a weekend in hat yai.

the hotel was okay for a weekend stay.
we had connecting rooms.
our view outside the window was
the hotel's abandoned,
filled-with-algae swimming pool.
great for a horror movie set!
we also got to park kurt safely in the basement parking lot
where there were security guards at the entrance.

.day & night view of the street in front of our hotel.

the location of the hotel was pretty strategic.
hat yai is a food galore!
just in front of our hotel
and also a few blocks away
 there were people with cart stalls selling
sweet sticky rice with mango,
ice cream in coconut shells,
fried chicken hat yai style,
fresh fruits,
nasi lemak with hot fried chicken,
nutella & banana pancake,
and many more!

.where ibu shopped clothes for her grandchildren.

.we had to fight for these seats!.

.had good fun here.

go here for more info

.nasi kuning ayam goreng berempah.

the owner of this restaurant was pretty chatty.
the food was yummy and reasonably priced.

.samila beach + cable car.

we didn't swim at the beach and
didn't ride the cable car to the second peak.
the guys had a nap
under the shade of trees at samila beach.
there were shrines and statues of buddha up on the hill.
therefore, we went up there just for the view of hat yai.
we sat on benches by the edge of the hill.
 although the sun was scorching,
the breeze was a bit cool and refreshing.

will i do this again?
hmmm, yeah sure.
it's awesome to exprience another country and
it was far more convenient
than having an inexperienced agent dictating your holiday
or being in a crammed van
when we went to krabi last year.
i had swollen feet for sitting too long!

but without question,
inshaAllah if we have another opportunity,
we need a more comfortable transportation
for the whole family.

okay, bye!

thank you for reading!

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