Sunday, April 16, 2017

.lost in bukit kledang.


hello, dear readers!
here we meet again
on this dark
and orangy page of mine.

the story i'm about to tell you is a story that i thought was harmless and silly but it seems that this incident is no laughing matter. many hikers had also lost their way on the same hill. below you can see the route/trail that we went through that took us almost six hours to complete. it was a rather satisfying climb if i would consider the calories burnt!

.wohoo burn calories burn!

we reached the kledang hill area around 7.00 am.
the parking lot was almost full.
i bet some of the hikers went up much earlier
to enjoy the sunrise.

there were a few food stalls near the entrance
just before we started the hike.
they were selling snacks and fruits.
after warming up and reciting some doa,
we began the hike slow and steady. 

.the parking area.

.rest for a while.

there were several gazebos and a small garden
along the way to the top.
there was also a row of restrooms for your convenience.
in the photo above,
is where you can sit and enjoy
the beautiful view of kledang residential area
and a part of ipoh.
the view of hills surrounding this area was breathtaking.
by the way,
this is not the peak of bukit kledang.

we climbed up the hill again
in order to reach the peak.
as you can see in the photo above,
we were at a crossroads.
one leads to the peak,
the other leads to another spot
where there are other substations.
we took the left one that led us to....

.....the peak!.

.going up and down.

photo on the left pane,
me resting a while before continuing up the hill.
on the right,
going down the hill on a trail.
this was where we lost our way!
we thought it was only a single, easily
maneuvered trail. wrong were we!

it was me who suggested that we should try out the trail.
i thought it will take half the time we took going up
as we saw many hikers came out from this forest trail.
there were also many opening,
like the one we decided to take,
along the road going uphill.
therefore, i assumed that if we were tired of the forest trail,
we could just jump out into the road trail.

we calmly and chattily hiked down hill
with help from a few marked trees.
then, after almost an hour,
we realized it took too long to find any opening
towards the road trail.
we did not see or meet any other hikers.
the trail seemed untouched.
some marked trees even led us to dead ends.

alhamdulillah both of us did not panic
but we had no more water to drink.
so, when we reached a small waterfall,
ejal quickly scooted close to the flowing water
and collect some.
we sat there, contemplating our fate.
who was informed of our whereabouts?
can we sleep through the night here?
do we have the skills to build a fire?

decided not to stay at that spot,
we continued the hike.
as we walked and hiked,
i slipped as i lost my footing on some exposed roots.
it was a bit painful and i thought i sprained my ankle.
i immediately decided to let ejal go ahead and find help
while i wait there by the river bank.
of course he did not agree with that idea!

much later,
we gained hope when we saw numbers nailed to tree trunks.
it means that we were on marked trails.
it means that we could find a way out.

finally, after 3 hours.......

..........we saw civilization!.


from this spot,
we had to walked about 1.3km to where we parked kurt.
we met a man who was shocked and concerned
on why we were walking out from that opening
at such late hour (almost 1pm).
he advised us not to venture into these trails again
without a guide or at least someone who has prior experience.
alhamdulillah we got out safely.

okay, that's all folks!
go here for more information
and hopefully you won't get lost!

p/s: we went hiking/trekking on bukit kledang again last month but we did not go into the forest trail haha!
thank you for reading!

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