Thursday, December 23, 2010

.login to neopets!.

you can spot my pets on the side bar, right? there is only one side bar so don't make me say which one. it'll be a bit confusing if i said on the right side bar, right? right? okay. i'm horribly disappointed that none of you ask me about them. aren't they just adorable? never mind the species. have a little more imagination will you! *defensive mode*

everyone grows up with a pet or pets, not pests. my brother and i used to have tortoises and a fish for pets because we can't have four legged furry animals in the house. we don't know what killed them. maybe it was the heat. you see, we placed the aquariums near the laundry area. the sun shone straight through if we don't pull down the blinds. rest in peace. we dug for the tortoises' shells but can't find them.

recenty, i've found out that i'm allergic to cat's fur. i wasn't years ago. i haven't tried patting dogs but i'm sure i'm allergic to them too. that's why i created an account in neopets and you should too!

here are some more reasons why....

create an account for free! no need to worry about the being of your pets. new pet owners will get 2000 neopoints (this equals to money) and a starter kit for free. free omelette every day, free jelly and free soup (if your neopoints are still below 3k).

.species, left to right : grundo, uni, ixi. this is my userlookup .

you can personalize your own pet. name, species, clothes, accessories etc! sign them up for competitions and gain recognition from all walks of life, around the world! the owners of pets are not just kids. there are also adults who has been nurturing their pets since godknowswhen and are still nerds loyal and appease their passion for this virtual world called neopia.

you can built your own home (choose from 19 different lands), shop and gallery and decorate them (there are competitions for these too!). the shop can help you earn more neopoints to indulge your pets with books, weapons (battledome!), morphing potions, wearables etc. furthermore, you can deposit all the neopoints in the neopets bank for safe keeping.

you can also earn neopoints by playing online games. there are hundreds available arranging from arcade, puzzle, action and multi-player mode. once a year there will be a game challenge like games master challenge 2010 where you will play against the games master for a week or so and received a trophy (put it up on you user lookup and gloat) and other prizes. there are also random challenges and quests to be conquered in plots and comics prepared for us.

.a cropped image from the winter starlight celebration.

my favourite : received neopoints and freebies randomly, on neopets' birthday, everyday for a month on december! (advent calendar for christmas), by clicking on a slorg, and by visiting certain places.

interesting ain't it? now there are even more links that expand this world. worlds for your neopets' pet called petpet in petpetpark and your petpet's pet called petpetpet in habitarium. hehe.

go create an account now! it's never to late to learn and explore eheh. click the links on my pets, register and find your inner child!

"we don't stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing"
.george bernard shaw.

thank you for reading!

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