Wednesday, January 5, 2011

.of routine and love.

here we go again. back and forth. sleepy and thrilled. i was so worried about school. with the new curriculum and all and me being the only one in year one. although, i think i can mostly get away with what i'll bring to class because no one would care or dare enter. yet. had fun with phonemes yesterday! the kids went all out with the /m/ and licking.

.readers, meet mister goatee.

i do think my health deteriorates and growth hindered because of stress. that's what the doc said. what else is there? i'm perfectly happy at home. giddy sometimes. it's work. don't get me wrong. i love being busy, doing clerical work and going places for courses. i love the work hours, i can go home and be a wife. clean, wash and cook. for my husband. but i can't handle human. the politics of it all. the responsibilities. and it's harming my health.

but this is what i get. crossroads. astagfirullahalazim. work it!

hadith :
sabda Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud:”Sesungguhnya orang mukmin akan menerima tekanan hidup kerana tidak ada satu bencana sama ada kerana terkena duri atau yang lebih besar, tidak juga ketakutan melainkan Allah akan mengangkat darjatnya satu darjat dan menghapuskan satu kesalahan dengan kesabarannya menghadapi bencana dan kesusahan tersebut.”

Riwayat al-Hakim

oh...happy 2011 y'all...!
thank you for reading!

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