Monday, January 10, 2011

.no secret passion of mine.

siti's performance last night brought up old memories. it's odd realizing that 2004 is seven years ago. it seems much closer than that. although i've left those years behind, i've never lost the interest. the sweat, hard work, laughter and the performance. i miss all that.

now that i'm not near any chance of performing, all i can do is watch. enjoying every moments and didn't blink my eyes in awe at every dynamic moves.

 .eh i thought adam garcia is an actor. and diversity! omg!

a few groups that got into the finals performed and leaved me teary-eyed and with this heart drenching warmth. hubby made weird faces, confused on why i was crying while watching a bunch of eight to twelve-year-old dancing to their delight. you guys should have watched the kids too! they were third. the first was ten-year-old akai who have been practicing street dancing for only a year.

 .the box. ^__^

and there are many more dancing competitions. paula abdul is also coming up with her own version of dance off.

.this one didn't really leave such a big impact on me though. 

so, what's your passion?
thank you for reading!

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