Wednesday, January 18, 2012

.playing house.

school holiday in alor star was fun when we get to help in babysitting adam and damia. ibu can manage with alesya and i only helped a little with her. sometimes i got carried away and pretended that they were my children thus i would ringan tangan and pinch them when they were naughty hahah. sorry kak cik and abg zaini ;p

no lah. i didn’t pinch them. i geram them. you know, like my dad did to me. sampai merah-merah lengan sebab kena genggam geram. hehe. damia is going through a phase adam went when everything had to go his way. adam is a big boy now and he listens. damia is keras hati. pak lang said, if you don’t apologize now, you won’t be in our gang (meaning; pak lang, along adam and mak lang).

nak minta maaf ke tak? and she said, tak mau.

aaah, kids.

p/s: i forgot to tell you guys! my buah hati is back from kelantan! and how he grows. do you think he still loves teacher masyitah? i won't be teaching year 3 though haih.
thank you for reading!

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